Watch Bebe Rexha Bring 6-Year-Old Fan Onto KTUphoria Stage

Bebe Rexha had the most adorable moment of KTUphoria when she picked up an enthusiastic young fan and give him a taste of what it's like to be a superstar diva!

Six-year-old Liam caught Bebe's eye with how excited he was during every song of her set, so she let him come on stage and dance with her during her song "Take Me Home."

"I think you're, like, a star," Bebe said. "Do you think you're a star?"

"Yeah," Liam said.

Bebe then school Liam on what you say to people who doubt you or hate on you.

Liam says "Bye."

Check out the video on Instagram or in the player below!

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