New Trend for 2017: Exercising Naked

There's a new fitness trend happening in the UK and its making its way to the states. Its called 

NUDE-ERCISE.  This fitness routine consist of jumping-jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, and partner work. What type of partner work is probably what your asking yourself. Well its not what you think... although you do get a work out doing what we all are thinking. The leader  in this fitness trend believes that removing clothes helps people to really follow along with all the moves, because you can really see what the instructor is doing in the exercise. So how 'bout it. Time to strip down and work out. :)

Yoga instructor Dee Dussault strikes a pose during a nude yoga session in her downtown apartment studio. NEEDS TO BE CLOSE-CROPPED ABOVE MAT! (Photo by Jim Wilkes/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

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