Stop Using Contact Lenses After 10yrs Or Go Blind


Eye experts are now saying that you're six times more likely to develop an infection that could leave you blind than if you have laser eye surgery. Quick someone call Dr. Della Russo. Lets face it, many contact users such as myself don't follow protocol when it comes to proper hygiene. We forget to take off our contact when we go to sleep, we sleep with make up on, and we reuses the same contacts when we run out. All of these are factors that lead us to higher risk of infection.  The infection, known as microbial keratitis, happens when the cornea is invaded by either bacteria, fungi or an amoeba. This can be very painful which is why scientists claim that you can radically reduce those risks by ditching contact lenses and having laser eye surgery to correct your vision. 

Lulu Y Lala

Lulu Y Lala

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