The Top 8 Places Where Men Cheat

Ladies, pay attention and read this carefully! Her are the top 8 places where men cheat. 

1. The bar: The bar is a perfect place to engage in extra-marital flirtation leading to intercourse. Half of the thousands of people surveyed by psychologist Anne Campbell for her study engaged in a one-night stand after meeting someone in a bar.

2. At Work: Office affairs are common, with about 40 percent of cheating men finding a lover at work. A business trip, an office party, or late nights at the office present the biggest opportunity for those who are susceptible to cheating.

3. A bachelor party: Do you know that up to a third of grooms-to-be cheat during their bachelor’s party as a final "goodbye" before they "give up" their freedom? And nope, this is not just about groping the stripper.

4. A wedding: You might be surprised that about a third of attached men who went to a wedding solo found a way to cheat on their absent partners

5. The gym: Hormones fly around gyms, more so with sweaty bodies all around in skintight clothing. Your man might find that a gym is a great place for a different kind of workout when no one’s looking.

6. Social media: People can be anyone they want to be online and on social media. It’s just too easy to send an email, instant message, or exchange sexy photos with a cute someone online. What you may think of just innocent flirting can be a full-blown virtual affair.

7. Through his close friends: When your beau has a friend who is a cheater, it can affect how he perceives cheating. He can begin thinking it's normal and not a big deal. He can even start an affair with a friend of the friend or even your neighbors. This is because being seen in public with an acquaintance won’t raise alarm bells for cheating. 

8. Wherever he's having fun:  enough said.

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