Feeling A Little Crazy.. Mercury's In Retrograde

If you've been feeling a little stressed out or your pretty much going crazy, its not you're fault. Mercury is in Retrograde meaning the planets appear to be moving backwards in orbit.  This normally happens 3 to 4 times a year and this year dates are April 9th to May 3rd, August 13th to September 5th, and December 3rd - December 23rd. According to Café Astrology, depending on your astrology sign it could make those weeks total hell since Mercury controls communication.   Now during Retrograde there are things you should avoid doing. 

No matter what sign you are Don't: 

1. Sign any contracts. A contract is a huge commitment and during this time we are more likely to interpret an relay information incorrectly. 

2. Start a new business or new big project. 

3. Make any big purchase. Along with communication, Mercury controls electronic devices. Sorry, but if you were planning on getting a new phone or computer you should wait. During this time it is more likely the device will break or malfunction.

4. Schedule meetings. It may sound weird, but again communication will be off during this time so it will most likely be harder to get a meeting scheduled during this time. 

5. Make a big change in your relationship. Don't propose — and don't break up during this time! Wait until these week pass to make sure your communication is at its best.  


 Now just because Mercury is in Retrograde, it doesn't mean you have to stop your whole life. 

Here are some :Dos:

1. Reflect. This time actually heightens your awareness so you should take advantage of that by taking time out to just think. 

2. Reorganize. Don't just clean for spring! Do it for the retrograde. This is also a great way to avoid making more mistakes during this time.

3. Keep a journal.  Get anything that's weighing on you down on paper.

4. Finish projects you already started. 

5. Meditate. 

6. Keep an eye on your calendar. During these weeks it will be more common for appointments to slip pass you. Make sure to keep your calendar near you. 

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