Can You Afford Rihanna's New Jewelry Line...

Rihanna is on top of the world. Not only did she successfully present her third Fenty Puma by Rihanna collection a couple months ago for Paris Fashion Week, but now she launched her first high end Jewelry line. She teamed up with a luxury retailer Chopard and you can pre-order some of the jewelry at They will start selling in stores in the summer. This Jewelry line is not for the average person because prices are very expensive. See below


The rings from her collection start at $1,460 to $2,400.  It depends on whether you want diamond on it or now. Diamonds are a girls best friend. :)


This beautiful bangle will cost you $2,950.  Her earrings start at $2,700 to $4,220.


Rihanna gives you a couple of options when it comes to her necklaces.  If you want a simple one it will cost you $3.970 but if you want something with a little more kick to it, it can cost you up to $11,140.

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