Craig David Teases His Epic KTUphoria Performance


Craig David stopped by the studio to talk with Lulu y Lala about his excitement about appearing at KTUphoria on June 3rd. The twins were excited to have David in for an interview because they've been big fans of his music for years. Even though he's been around for a while, the British singer is constantly evolving through his music. His latest album Following My Intuition has brought him a new wave of fans, while simultaneously making his already established fan base love him even more. 

He plans on bringing a mix of new and old to the stage at KTUphoria next month. "The performing...that's what I live for." David told Lulu y Lala. When describing what his set will be like, he said it would be "It's a vibe. It's like a house party, but on stage." The 36-year-old performer warns, though, that it's not the kind of show you can wear heels to. Ladies, make sure you pack a pair of flats so you can get up and dance during David's set. 


Born in England and a current resident of Miami, David loves when it's time to visit New York City. He revealed he loves to eat cheesecake when he comes through, even though Lulu y Lala aren't a fan of the dessert. He likes to keep it "local and cool" when he's in New York, preferring smaller joints than popular tourist traps. He does admit, though, that seeing the skyline when you come over the bridge into the city never gets old. 

It's obvious that David has been keeping busy, but it's because he's working towards his goals. He dreams of one day performing to a sold out crowd at New York's legendary Madison Square Garden. "I know it can happen," he said. "The difference between those kinds of crowds is that there up for..'I want to hear a slow jam, I want to hear a trap tune, I want to hear some R&B.'" The ability to play a diverse set greatly appeals to him as an artist. "I like that because it's dynamic," he revealed. 


We can't wait to see what Craig David has up his sleeve for KTUphoria, as well as the new music he'll be releasing soon. 

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