Leslie Grace Talks Covering Selena's "Si Una Vez"


Leslie Grace stopped by to talk with Lulu y Lala about all her exciting new projects. Not only did she cover the iconic Selena song "Si Una Vez," but she's also excited about her new album. Lulu y Lala have been following Leslie's career since she was a teenager and told her how proud they are of her success. One thing they're so proud of is that she's stayed true to herself throughout the years. 

Leslie opened about her increasing fame, saying she's starting to get recognized when she's out doing normal, every day things like going to the mall. She revealed she definitely feels the pressure to keep up with the image of being a pop star, however, she still likes to keep cool, casual, and age appropriate. 


When talking about covering Selena's music, Leslie revealed she tried her best honor the late singer's memory. "Selena is personally someone huge," she said of her decision to cover the track. "We really wanted to make it right and I felt that responsibility." Seeing how people have responded in such a positive light also made her feel great about her work on the song. We know we loved it! 

We can't wait to see what Leslie Grace does next! Thanks for stopping by! 

Lulu Y Lala

Lulu Y Lala

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