Nick Jonas Reveals the Real Story Behind Find You

Nick Jonas stopped by to hang out with Lulu y Lala and talk about his hypnotic new track "Find You." While the song's lyrics seem to point towards being inspired by a personal relationship, the 25-year-old singer refutes that theory out of hand. Jonas revealed the real story behind 'Find You' during his trip to KTU and it's definitely not what you thought. It turns out, the song wasn't inspired by any one person. Instead, Jonas revealed, the track was inspired by an experience he had at Coachella. 

"It's really about me and I wrote it from my perspective about finding myself and hopefully being able to find myself so I could find that other person," Jonas explained. He went on to describe how a music festival played a role in creating the song's lightly house-inflected pop sound, as well.  "The Coachella situation was very fun. I was there and we were jumping around different stages and we were like 'well, let's just go dance for a while.' I went to the rave tent and maybe smoked a little bit and then danced for like four hours. It was awesome. I went to the studio the next day and was inspired by my experience of feeling free and having fun." 


New music isn't the only thing Jonas has on the horizon, either. His acting career has taken off over the past few years and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. It was recently announced that Jonas would be starring in Chaos Walking with Tom Holland of Spiderman: Homecoming fame. Daisy Ridley, who stars in the new Star Wars movies, will also be in the film. "It's a really great story based off a book series of the same name," Jonas said of the project. "It's been a good time. It's a crazy shoot."

As soon as Jonas wraps filming for Chaos Walking, he'll be jumping back in to promo mode for his upcoming Jumanji installment. "It's a great movie. I've seen it already," he revealed. "It's amazing." Despite starring in such a classic franchise, Jonas revealed he doesn't feel too much pressure to live up to the original. This isn't a reboot or a remake, according to Jonas, but a "new Jumanji adventure." 


There's so much to look forward to thanks to Nick Jonas. New movies and music are always a good thing. Thanks for stopping by, Nick! We can't wait for all these exciting projects. 

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