Getting Engaged Will Cost You BIG BUCKS!


Thinking about proposing to your loved? Awww how cute.. BUT you might want to think twice about it. According to a new survey the average cost of an engagement ring is now over $6,000.  Didn't JLo tells us that Love Don't Cost A thing?  


I guess JLO had a change of heart. But in all seriousness, americans on average spend $6,351 on an engagement ring according to The Knot's 2017 Real Weddings survey. They also found that people spend 3 1/2 months looking for an engagement ring, and the most popular rings are round-cut stones.


Thats what you'll be telling people after you give them the great news that you got engaged lol. 

Lulu Y Lala

Lulu Y Lala

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