Nicky Jam talks new song "X", Bromance With J. Balvin + His Netflix Series

Nicky Jam stopped by to talk with Lulu y Lala about his new smash hit with J. Balvin "X", his relationship with Balvin and why Luis Fonsi should win everything at the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards.

His new song with J. Balvin "X (EQUIS)" has only been out for two weeks and has already racked up over 200 Million views on youtube! The song has also spawned the #Xchallenge which has people participating from all over the world even including Will Smith!


When asked why he chose to name the song "X" he said its because when he and Balvin were making the song they couldn't come up with a name and it didn't really have a meaning. Therefore he chose the name "X" for the record also saying "I think we the first people in the game to say and be real we didn't have a name for the song so just put an X on it".

Nicky then went on to talk about his bromance with J. Balvin and who is the crazier one in the friendship. He recalled a time where Balvin told fans what room hotel room he was staying in while in Peru. In retaliation, Jam gave out Balvin's "Whatsapp" number and shut him down real quick. Nicky also claims that he is the crazier one in the friendship but Balvin "is like a kid that never grew up". 


With the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards coming up, Nicky is nominated for FIVE awards including "Top Latin Album of the Year" and "Top Latin Albums Artist of the Year". When asked about this year's awards he said "this year definitely Luis Fonsi" in regards to who is going to be winning big time. 

Lastly, he spoke about his upcoming Netflix series based on his life saying he would be filming for 12 hours a day for three months straight. Much of the story that is going to be portrayed in the show cannot be found by looking him on google, it's a much more personal story about his life. 

Check out Lulu Y Lala's full interview with Nicky Jam below & taking on the #Xchallenge themselves!

Lulu Y Lala

Lulu Y Lala

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