Shawn Mendes Reveals The First Thing He Notices About A Woman

Straight off the release of his new single "In My Blood" Shawn Mendes stopped by to talk to Lulu Y Lala about the new song, performing for the Queen of England and the first thing he notices in the opposite sex. 

With the song just releasing Shawn took some time to explain to Lulu Y Lala about what it really means. Being the first single off of his third studio album he really wanted to make something that was honest and vulnerable which is something he says he had never done before. He also mentioned that this is the most nervous he has ever been for a song release since this was also the most he has ever been involved in the song making process from top to bottom. 


Although he wouldn't tell Lulu Y Lala what the name of the album was or when it would be coming out he did share with them who was the first person to really here songs off the album. Shawn revealed that it was actually Camilla Cabello who he sent the tracks to first even before his family got to listen. In a previous interview that Lulu Y Lala had done with the "Havana" singer, she revealed that it was actually Shawn Mendes who she sent her album to first, which he confirms he was actually one of the first people to hear it before its release. 

Shawn also spoke about how he will be joining Shaggy and Sting in performing for the Queen of Englands 92nd Birthday, saying since his Mother is from England his family is super excited about the once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Lulu and Lala asked if Shawn was married because he has a ring on his finger, his response was although he isn't currently married the ring holds importance to him because he received it in Japan and believes that it is good luck. Lala then through Lulu under bus revealing the Mendes that she is obsessed with his hands. Laughing it off he said he surprisingly gets a lot tweets about his hands. He then revealed the first things he notices when looking at the opposite sex is their eyes teeth and smile. 

Lastly, he revealed advice that he received from Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. Saying, Ed Sheeran, taught him the importance of hard work, while Taylor Swift gave him some advice when he was about to hit the stage one night saying: "always remember when you go out on stage for a show this isn't a singing show, nobodies there to judge you, everyone is there to enjoy themselves and see you." 

Check out Shawn Mendes' full interview with Lulu Y Lala below 

Lulu Y Lala

Lulu Y Lala

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