Alessia Cara Talks Meaning of "Growing Pains", Writing Her Own Songs + More


Alessia Cara is coming off just releasing the first single "Growing Pains" off her highly anticipated follow up album to 2015's "Know-It-All". 2018 has also been a huge year for her as she hopes to continue that success after winning "Best New Artist" at the 2018 Grammy's going up against some of the biggest new names in music such as Khalid, Lil Uzi Vert, Sza, and Julia Michaels

Sitting down with Lulu and Lala, Alessia Cara breaks down the meaning behind her new song and also gave listeners some insight into her upcoming sophomore album. She talks about how it's weird thinking negatively about the life she's living now because it is the one that she chose, although she still feels blessed to be living this life it can still be scary.


Lulu and Lala also congratulated Cara on her Grammy win and expressed how they loved that she defended herself after trolls online were coming for her saying that she didn't deserve it. Asking her what it felt like when they called her name she says that she is still processing it to this day and often times when she thinks about it it still doesn't feel real. Speaking on working on her confidence post-Grammy win and on her new album she said: "So that's why I Wanted to try to be a little more confident in myself".

Talking about her upcoming album Cara revealed that she has written every single song on the album which took over a year and a half. Also when asked if there were going to be any collabs on the album. She also said that her best friends and her parents have actually already heard parts of the album. 

Check out Alessia Cara's Full Interview with Lulu and Lala above

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