Ivy Queen Keeps It Real On Social Media, A Cardi Collab, Reggaeton Movement

The Queen of Reggaeton Ivy Queen stopped by to talk with Lulu y Lala about social media, the possibility of a Cardi collab, whether she misses NYC + much more!

Living in New York for a few years of her life before returning to Puerto Rico where she would find her love for music and become the star she is today, she does not regret leaving the city. Citing that everyone sometimes can be in their own bubble, however she states that there are a lot of amazing memories she has here, "Theres memories of everything of happiness, to the worst, its good to remember though where you come from".

Ivy Queen and Cardi B have had an interesting relationship as they have tweeted eachother multiple times with Cardi calling Ivy "My Queen", the one thought on everyones mind is when are the two finally going to team up for a song together? Speaking on if she and Cardi will ever hop in the studio together she had to say, "she is so busy, she pays tribute to me and I love that, but the thing is is that she's everywhere, lemme tell you, you can give Cardi half a million dollars and tell her to come to the studio but its not about money for her, so I need to respect that, the fact that she paid tribute to me is HUGE to me, but I don't force stuff I let the universe speak if its meant to be it's meant to be". The Reggaeton star also stated that she has also wanted a Missy Elliot collab for the longest time but she is willing to let the universe make it happen on its own.

Ivy Queen's new single 787 is out now!

Check out Ivy Queens full Interview with Lulu y Lala below..

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