World's Most Expensive Mattress Only $189,000!


A good night sleep will cost you more than you think!!! We still can't believe this but the world's most expensive mattress will cost you $189,000! Now, we agree that investing in a good mattress is important because after all, that is where you rest your bones at night. However, dropping six figures is just insane. The mattress is called Vividus and it's a three mattress tower constructed of woven cotton, flax felt, steel Bonnell springs, oak dowels, swedish pines and tightly curled horsetail hair. Only 70 beds of this kind are made each year and takes about 330 hours to be make. This ridiculously overpriced mattress is described as sinking into a cloudy, dreamy space with great support. I don't know about you but this all just seems so extra. I'm sure Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, The Queen of England and Oprah own this mattress. Who else could afford it?

Lulu Y Lala

Lulu Y Lala

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