AJ Mitchell Talks Upcoming Performance At VMAs Pre-Show

AJ Mitchell stopped by the KTU studios in New York to talk about his new EP, Slow Dance, with Lulu and Lala. His EP includes “Out My Mind”, “Move On”, “Talk So Much” and “Slow Dance” which features Ava Max

Mitchell will be at the 2019 Video Music Awards and performing at the pre-show. This will be his first time at the VMAs and he is excited to see Ava Max perform. When asked about his experience working with her, AJ Mitchell described Ava Max as, “so sweet”. The two recently filmed a music video together for “Slow Dance” that will be coming out soon. 

After his collaboration with Ava Max, Mitchell is looking to collaborate with even more artists. He is interested in working with Lil Wayne, Jon Bellion, Camila Cabello and Tyler the Creator. While at KTU, Mitchell also discussed the inspiration for some of his songs. His song “Talk So Much” was written about his old classmates from school who were talking behind his back about how he left to pursue his music career. After hearing his classmates response to his music career Mitchell thought, “people just don’t get it, I don’t know why they have to talk so much” which gave him the title for his song. 

You can watch AJ Mitchell’s full interview with Lulu and Lala talking more in depth about his EP above!

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