Tainy Explains His Career Change From Producer To Artist


Tainy came to KTU studios in New York to talk to Lulu and Lala about his transition from producer to artist and his new single, "Adicto". 

Tainy is known for producing reggaeton songs and recently produced J Balvin and Ban Bunny’s ‘Oasis’. Now the long-time music producer is ready to make his own music. He recently dropped his new single, "Adicto", featuring Anuel AA and Ozuna. This song is out now and it is one song off his unreleased debut full- length album.

The second track that will be released from his album is an English track; something different for Tainy. Tainy stated he doesn’t just listen to reggaeton, so his musical influences come from other genres, such as pop, rock and hip hop. He wants his music to reflect his different influences. His new song will feature Jessie Reyez and Tory Lanez and will be released soon. Tainy stated this song was something different for him as well as something different for them. 

You can watch Tainys’ full interview with Lulu and Lala talking more in depth about his upcoming album above!

Lulu Y Lala

Lulu Y Lala

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