Zara Larsson Reveals What It's Like Touring With Ed Sheeran.


Zara Larsson stopped by the KTU studios in New York to talk about hosting the red carpet for MTV’s Video Music Awards, her song ‘All the Time’ and Ed Sheeran.

Her new song, 'All the Time', was inspired by the feeling of when “you have a crush on someone you just started seeing or you’re heartbroken and can’t stop thinking about someone.” Larsson’s song is upbeat but at the same time is slightly melancholy and is relatable for listeners who can't stop thinking about someone.

Larsson also discussed her upcoming album and the challenges she faces working with so many labels and talking back and forth with everyone’s opinions on the tracks. There’s a lot of people involved and everyone wants a say in how the album comes out. Larsson wants to stay true to herself and wants to make sure her album is perfect before it drops. She mentioned that coming up with a title for the album is the hardest part for her. 

Ed Sheeran and Zara Larsson toured together and she said he was a fun guy to be around and a genuinely nice person who treats people with respect. He “created an environment that was fun to be in.” She had a good time working with Sheeran and enjoyed his company on the road. 

You can watch Zara Larsson’s full interview with Lulu and Lala above!

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