Krispy Kreme Debuts Halloween-Themed Doughnuts

Halloween is right around the corner and Krispy Kreme is is celebrating by introducing a new collection of cyclops donuts:

Slimon, Mumford and Hypno-Henry.

Slimon is made with an original glazed donut filled with lemon and topped with bright green icing. Mumford is a mummy themed donut and like the Slimon, it's made with an original glazed topping with a wrapping of white and purple frosting. Last but not least, Hypno-Henry is a glazed donut filled with cake batter and topped with yellow icing, orange sanding sugar and white frosting swirl. YUMMY

These cool donut are being sold now at Krispy Kreme location across the states until October 31.

For those who plan on dressing up on halloween, Krispy Kreme will give you a free donut so take advantage.