Kesha Talks 'Raising Hell" And The Secret Hidden In Her Music Video


Kesha stopped by the KTU studios in New York City to chat with Lulu and Lala about her new music and her music video for 'Raising Hell'.

Kesha described the concept of her music video, “I grew up in the south going to mega churches and I’ve always been obsessed with religious iconography so when I was brought the idea of me being a televangelist I was like 'yup, doing it!' And then we tweaked it and there might be a little bit of murder and it’s in the 80's and it was just such a fun video to shoot."

Lulu and Lala asked about the number featured at the end of the 'Raising Hell' music video. Kesha replied, “You should call that number. My plan was that this number has to work and when people call it’s gong to send you to a very special secret place where there will be secret things but I’m not going tell you because you’ve got to call the number."

Watch the full interview with Kesha above!

Lulu Y Lala

Lulu Y Lala

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