Charlie Puth Reveals The Meaning Behind His Songs

Charlie Puth dropped by the KTU studio to chat with Lulu and Lala.

Puth discussed the inspiration behind some of his older songs and what his new song, 'Mother' is about. "I wrote 'We Don’t Talk Anymore' based on a conversation with my friend. I wrote ‘Attention’ based on an Instagram post I was reading. I wrote 'How Long' just by tapping my feet and I've definitely have asked that question before like ‘how long has it been…' 'Mother' is the first time I’ve taken a super disguised lyrical route. From the outside perspective when you dissect it, it’s about kinda a story from everyones point of view, everyones perspective and maybe the mother's perspective everything is grand and wonderful but really it’s not. The song is just one big dichotomy."

After being complimented on how relatable his songs are Puth stated, “I wouldn’t be able to make just a bland song. It wouldn’t have any purpose to it. As uncomfortable as it is to have people speculate that much it’s fine with me.”

Click the video above to watch the full interview!

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