Sam Fischer Talks About The Meaning Behind His Songs

Sam Fischer stopped by the KTU studio in New York City to chat with Lulu and Lala about his music. Fischer went in detail discussing the inspiration behind his song "This City".

“I wrote it about L.A. For me, it was about how I wanted L.A more than L.A wanted me. When I wrote it, it came from a place of desperation. It was like, I don’t know who I am, no one knows who I am, I’m lost. It was just my big fat diary entry. But what’s amazing is that people have turned it into a love song.

There’s hope in the song. The bridge is 'she got a hold on me, she got me wrapped around her finger.' So it’s like, even though I feel this way, I still have this love and I know that I am meant to be here. But right now I’m having a really tough time. The song was my life getting out of that dark place.

All the songs come from my personal experience. I've been writing this project for the last three years. All the songs are about my personal relationships that I've gone through with myself and others, but not necessarily romantic ”

Click the video above to watch Lulu and Lala's full interview with Sam Fischer!

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