The new way to teach your child a lesson

If you have a tween or teen, odds are you've embarrassed them the hell out of them at some point, whether you meant to or not. It seems that as a parent, your very existence can mortify your child at times, making for some pretty hilarious moments if you play your cards right.

But one imaginative father of two decided to take the embarrassment game to a whole new level, for a reason I think all parents can relate to.

Bradley Herbst of Jacksonville, Florida came up with an ingenious way to spend time with his teenage daughter: He made a rule that whenever he drove her to or from school, she wasn't allowed on her cell phone. If she broke the rule, Herbst threatened to walk her into school dressed in whatever outrageous costume he happened to be wearing that morning.

And it turns out, he really does own an array of outrageous costumes ...


Herbst said that the idea came to him after his daughter looked at the shorts and T-shirt he was wearing one morning and said, "You cannot wear that to school."

Before leaving the house, Herbst is always sure to snap a few photos, and upload them directly to Facebook, where they've since become a viral hit.


All joking aside, there are very real consequences to kids having too much exposure to screen time. According to the Standard-Times, the overuse of electronic devices can have a negative impact on a child's social development.

"This includes the ability to make friends in person, take responsibility for actions, display good manners, use polite language, control emotions and temper, follow verbal directions, and develop empathy for others," the study notes.

Researchers also found that some children who regularly use the Internet and play video games display more anxiety and depression than those who limit screen time.


In the end, Herbst got what he was looking for, much needed father-daughter time and a new tradition they will never forget! I guess you can say this dad's got it all figured out.

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