NY Aquarium Opens New 'Sharks!' Exhibit On Saturday

It's time for SHARKS. The New York Aquarium's new Ocean Wonders: Sharks! exhibit opens this Saturday, June 30th, so you can check out 18 species of sharks and rays and many other types of marine creatures.

The new $158 million 57,500-square-foot exhibit building in Coney Island, officially called the Donald Zucker and Barbara Hrbek Zucker Ocean Wonders: Sharks! exhibit.


The sharks in the exhibit include: Sand Tiger Sharks; Sandbar Sharks; Nurse Sharks; Smooth Dogfish; Epaulette Sharks; Brownbanded Bamboo Sharks; White Spotted Bamboo Sharks; Whitetip Reef Sharks; Blacktip Reef Sharks; Spotted Wobbegong; Zebra Sharks; and Horn Sharks. The ray types are Roughtail Rays; Clearnose Skates; Cownose Rays; Bluntnose Rays; Southern Rays; and Little Skates.


There's also a highly Instagrammable Coral Reef Tunnel, where you can walk through and see fish and sharks amongst the coral reef system.


This summer, the NY Aquarium is offering half-priced tickets, starting on June 30, Adults pay $14.95; Children 3-12 are $11.95; Seniors 65 & over are $12.95; and Children under 2 are free. The 4-D Theater is an extra $6 per ticket.

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