War Of The Roses: "Soulmates"

In case you missed this episode of "War of the Roses,"  Anthony has been in a long distance relationship with Camille for 8 months and they still have not had sex. Anthony met Camille when he was traveling to LA for business. Now, he goes out to LA once a month to see Camille and she comes to the east coast to see him. The reason that Camille and Anthony have not had sex yet is because Camille is extremely religious and wants to wait until she is married to have sex. Anthony really cares for Camille and is willing to wait until marriage to have sex with her. However, the last time he went out to LA she seemed different and now she is not calling him as frequently... Does she have another man?

Find out the truth and listen to the full episode here:

Sean 'Hollywood' Hamilton

Sean 'Hollywood' Hamilton

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