War Of The Roses: "Love Over Fraud"

In case you missed this episode of "War of the Roses,"  Travis and Claudia have been married for 8 years and Claudia KNOWS in her heart that Travis has been cheating on her. There is no solid proof that Travis is cheating, but Claudia insists that Travis is an evil man. Not only is he supposedly cheating on her, but he forced her to go to Las Vegas on their honeymoon and gambled all of their savings, he is a horrible dad, AND we come to find out that he committed fraud. The couple was short on money so Travis set Claudia's truck on fire in order to claim insurance money and filed the incident as vandalism. 

Claudia is looking for proof that Travis is cheating. Will she get it? Find out the truth and listen to the full episode here:

Sean 'Hollywood' Hamilton

Sean 'Hollywood' Hamilton

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