War Of The Roses: "Getting Lubed"

In case you didn't catch this episode of "War of the Roses," Thomas believes his wife of 15 years, Elisa, is having an affair with their car mechanic, Kyle. Elisa takes the car to this same mechanic quite often, even for simple tasks that Thomas could do. One time she even took her car in to have Kyle change her windshield wiper fluid! 

Not only is Elisa going in way too often, but also, Thomas watches his wife text Kyle things like: "Thanks for the oil change LOL" and "Thanks for EVERYTHING" *smiley face emoji*. Thomas is fed up with his wife's weird relationship with this mechanic and wants to know the truth. Is Elisa having an affair with Kyle or is he just a flirt? Is it appropriate to text your car mechanic about repairs?

Find out what happens when we call Kyle by listening to the full episode here:

Sean 'Hollywood' Hamilton

Sean 'Hollywood' Hamilton

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