War Of The Roses: "Player Just Playin"

In case you missed this edition of "War of the Roses," Janine caught her boyfriend Leroy cheating on her twice. Janine called us because she knows Leroy has a long history of being a player. Janine is determined to get the truth out of Leroy. When we call Leroy to offer him his "roses" he is extremely flirty with Marie on the phone. However, he does send the roses to Janine. You would think that would settle Janine's inner turmoil, right? Nope. 

Janine is convinced that he is sending the roses to another woman also named Janine. She is so stubborn that she can't even listen to reason. She cannot accept the fact that Leroy actually sent her the roses. Would Leroy really be dating two people with the same name at the same time? Highly unlikely. Find out if Janine comes to her senses on this episode:

Sean 'Hollywood' Hamilton

Sean 'Hollywood' Hamilton

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