War Of The Roses: "The Work Husband"

In case you missed this "War Of The Roses," after Justin cheated on his wife Robin a year ago, the couple started going to counseling and Justin was convinced it was helping. Counseling was going extremely well, but it turns out Robin has been sleeping with a guy at work. Justin had a feeling something was going on with Robin and her coworker so he camped out outside of her work for 6 days. On the 7th day, Justin saw them climb in the back of the coworker's car and make out. Justin drove away FURIOUS.

Robin and Justin have been going to counseling for over a year and Justin has been reliving his mistakes everyday. Now it's time for Robin to pay for her mistakes. Listen to what happens on this edition of "War Of The Roses" here:

Sean 'Hollywood' Hamilton

Sean 'Hollywood' Hamilton

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