War Of The Roses: "Foreign Exchange Love Child"

This "War Of The Roses," is not the typical cheating scenario we are used to. Shannon has been married for 18 years and she caught her husband cheating on her 17 years ago - only 1 year into their marriage. Her husband admitted that he had several affairs. He travels all over the world for business and cheats while he is away.

Now, they have a foreign exchange student from Barcelona, Spain living with them. Shannon believes that this foreign exchange student, Laura, is his daughter from one of the affairs he had 17 years ago. The couple didn't have to go through any paperwork or an agency to have Laura move in, she just showed up. There was never any interviews OR mail sent to the house. Wouldn't you have to check that Laura would be safe in this living situation? 

Listen to this "War Of The Roses" below:

Sean 'Hollywood' Hamilton

Sean 'Hollywood' Hamilton

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