War Of The Roses: "Love Thy Neighbor"

In cased you missed yesterday's "War of the Roses," Margie and Ken have been married for less than a year and their neighbor is a little too flirty. When Margie moved into Ken's place, she noticed that his neighbor Erica acts inappropriately with her husband. Margie describes a time that she witnessed Ken and Erica talking in the lobby with her hand on his knee. Erica didn't even make an effort to move her hand when she said hello to Margie. Ken plays off the situation as a game between them - it doesn't mean anything. Margie is upset with this flirting game and feels disrespected by Erica because she barely acknowledges Margie's presence. Is something actually going on between Ken and Erica? Is harmless flirting considered cheating when you are married?

Listen to the full episode here:



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