What You Should Do If Your Yahoo Account Was Hacked

(NEWSER) – Yahoo broke the news to half-a-billion users Thursday that hackers breached its system and thus might know their passwords, security questions, phone numbers, and dates of birth. Yes, that's a "b" as in billion, making this the largest data breach ever, notes CNET.

The company is blaming "state-sponsored" hackers for the 2014 breach, without offering specifics. Related coverage:

  • What should users do? In addition to changing passwords and security questions, they might consider enabling two-step authentication. See Recode and USA Today for advice.
  • The danger of the hack? The data "could be useful ammunition for any hacker attempting to break into Yahoo accounts, or interested in exploring whether users might have used the same security questions/answers to protect themselves elsewhere on the web," writes security expert Graham Cluley on his blog.

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What Yahoo Users Should Do After Biggest Hack Ever
What Yahoo Users Should Do After Biggest Hack Ever
Might be time for 2-step authentication if not in place already
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