The REAL Winner Of Last Night's Debate


From the Daily Mail

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump came out on top of Sunday night's debate.

That is what some viewers thought when Kenneth Bone, an undecided voter, asked the penultimate question and stole the show.

Bone, wearing a red cable-knit sweater and glasses, changed the pace of the debate by asking a question that had nothing to do with lewd comments or private email servers.

Instead, Bone quizzed Trump and Clinton on their energy policies - and, in doing so, became an instant hit.

Bone's choice of outfit - a red cable-knit sweater and a white shirt - garnered considerable interest from Twitter users

'I want Ken Bone to wrap that beautiful red cable-knit sweater of his around our divided nation. Only his warmth can save us now,' writer Marc Carig tweeted.

Someone created a Twitter account to glorify Bone - while insisting in the bio that they were not the actual Bone.


We love you Ken Bone! 

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Wendy Wild

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