This 'Big Bad Santa' Can Lift A Lot More Than Presents!

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Seems like all I do is reps...for a year or so. My last official pr was 625 in contest about year a half ago even though before nationals I tripled 620. So when coach @mikeyk413 called for 90% of my 1rm I used the Wendler calculator and came up with 635. So I did it a couple times, then the power went out in my gym. Since we are in the basement of a 3 story building it got pretty dark. Finished the workout in the black with a single at 650. Was going to double it but something was wrong with my set up and failed to get it past 4 inches. Set it down, reset a little then made it happen. I feel pretty good about the day but I am disappointed in myself from a fix standpoint. I didn't eat enough today or yesterday (call it guilt from the 11 pound Thanksgiving binge). Well I'm back on the job and will be ready for Kennewick in two weeks. Special shout out to my boy @strongmandrew for finally getting that injury monkey off his back. #deadlifts #jackedsanta #FReKfamily #FReKstrong #polarexpress #sponsormysupplementsplease #santa

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Don't be jealous of this in-shape Santa!

Don't be jealous of the thigh gap ladies lol. I officially hate wearing one of these things. Gotta figure out how to get into position without passing out. Was not a successful maiden voyage with the deadlift suit but I will figure it out. #thighgap #cantbreathe #santa #jackedsanta #uss #strongman

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This Santa can LIFT... boy can he lift.  650 lbs!  That's pretty impressive... although he can expect to lift lots of presents this Holiday season.  

Some of that Thanksgiving press medley action. Could've been a bit quicker but I did three rounds. Be sure to head over to for 20% using promo code "Thankful". Have a great Thanksgiving and just remember, nobody has to make weight tomo so eat as stupid as you want lol. I've been saving my cheat meals up and I'm going to get my money's worth. #FReKfamily #FReKstrong # Thanksgiving #sale

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