Doctors: STOP Cleaning Your Own Ears!

The medical community has just issued new guidelines for dealing with ear wax. Doctors want you to leave it alone, and stop poking around in your ear.  I've always wondered why there was a clear warning on the package! (I mean, come on -- what are those cotton swabs SUPPOSED to do anyway if not scratch your brain?) 

According to the experts: 

You might "push the wax in further, and there also is the potential for damage to the ear drum," says Dr. Seth Schwartz, who helped draft the new guidelines. You might also scratch the ear canal, which "can lead to pain and infection," he says. "Wiping away any excess wax when it comes to the outside of the ear is enough to keep it clean."

Obviously see a doctor if you need additional help.  

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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