This Theory Has Star Wars Fans Freaking Out

Ever since the announcement that Star Wars: Episode VIII would be called 'The Last Jedi', Star Wars fans have been theorizing on who that might be referring to.  The obvious first thought: Luke Skywalker.  But wait - Rey showed off some pretty incredible Jedi powers, (even if she is untrained) in 'The Force Awakens'.  This video examines some popular theories.  

Could it be as simple as combining the names of Episode VII and VIII: 'The Force Awakens The Last Jedi'?  That certainly changes things up. 


By the way, my own personal opinion on the parentage of Rey?  We've chatted about this on Facebook Live...  Nothing makes sense more than this theory.  Obviously don't let this convince you if you're not into potential spoilers!    

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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