My First Phone, The Iconic Nokia 3310 Is Making A Comeback!

This is not a joke!  Our beloved Nokia 3310, which for many of us, was our first phone... is making a comeback!  The nostalgic phone was originally released 17 years ago and was built like a brick.  Seriously, you could drop it from anywhere and it would hold strong.  It also had a pretty good battery life, but as smart phones came onto the market, it was ultimately phased out.  Good news friends:


That's right!  What has been dubbed as 'the most reliable phone ever made' is making a comeback!  Who's ready for a two-week battery life? 


Not so fast though, it's not the ORIGINAL 3310 that will be resurfacing, but rather an 'homage' to it.  So will the new version include basic updates like a camera or a color screen?  We'll have to wait to find out.  Who's excited to play 'Snake'? 

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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