Poor Katy Had Quinoa In Her Teeth Last Night On The Red Carpet

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Katy Perry kicked off our iHeartRadio Music Awards last night with a highly energetic performance of 'Chained to the Rhythm' which featured the star in a red top with pink pants, rockin' her awesome new pixie cut.  Loved it!  She brought along her hamster wheel and a bunch of young dancers and looked absolutely LOVELY! 

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I also thought she looked stunning on the red carpet before the show as well.  I found out that this gorgeous 'gown' she wore is actually a pantsuit (slay!) and am yay close to copying her Scar-Jo inspired haircut.  I hardly noticed that she had a little faux pas on the red carpet until People Magazine pointed it out. 

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Oh Katy! I feel your pain.  I almost ALWAYS have something stuck in my teeth.  I have to check that after every meal and let me tell you... it's time to re-access who your friends are... or who you have working for you.  

I SO feel for her, because I would have been mortified! 

She's still my fave right now.  I bet this girl could make quinoa teeth a fashion accessory... nbd! 

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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