Utah Family Adopts Little Girl Born With No Limbs

According to WREG

Jason and Adrianne Stewart adopted Maria a year and a half ago from the Philippines. She was born without limbs. It’s a condition called congenital limb difference. However, what 3-year-old Maria lacks in limbs, she more than makes up for in personality.


This story gained attention from a blog post which went viral...  

"Special needs adoption has changed our family forever. When we found our daughter we did not think that we were qualified or prepared enough to parent a child like her, a child born without arms and legs, but we knew that we could love her and that loving her was what mattered most!

She has given us far more than we will ever give her. She is so full of joy and light, and is an inspiration to all who meet her. We put limits on her abilities and then we see her doing exactly what we thought she was not capable of. We are so blessed to have her in our family. She has made each of us better. She has taught us to find joy in small things, to not be sad or disappointed by what we don't have, and to not take for granted the things we do have. The most important thing she has taught us is that we are all so much more capable than we think we are."


Many love and blessings to Maria and her family.  

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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