Color Changing Hair Dye Is A Thing Now

Dear Ladies and Gents who LOVE a good hair color refresh!  A company named Pravana has just released color changing hair dye!  

How does it work??  According to HelloGiggles

“When heat hits the pigment, or if the cool hits the pigment, it changes the bonds of the chemistry to give you a different color, so it’s like a chemical reaction. However, we also work with ones that change their structure, which gives you a light refraction instead, so it’s more like a prism color change. On the outsider’s version of what the technology does, it changes its color to temperatures. So we tuned those so that if you’re inside you get one color and if you’re outside you get another color. If you have red hair and you’re in the wind it might go blue. So what we did was look at data patterns of weathers and the environment in different countries and tailor the color changes to correlate with those.”


Ok, time to try this hair magic! 

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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