Italy Set To Offer Women Workers 'Menstrual Leave'

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From the Daily Mail

Women in Italy may soon become the first in Europe to receive three days of "menstrual leave" if they are suffering painful periods. If approved, the law would give women three extra days off a month. While many are applauding the law, some women's rights groups fear it could backfire, by discouraging employers from hiring women. 

Daniela Piazzalunga, an economist, told the Washington Post: 'Women are already taking days off because of menstrual pains, but the new law would allow them to do so without using sick leaves or other permits.

My will they confirm and I quote, "bad aches"?? This, maternity leave, and minimum wage are all bad for the same reason: they put the ability or inability to make money for yourself in the government's hands. To all the feminists cheering on female-based policies like this...what about those complaints that women earn less than men? Pro tip, girls: Making them a liability to companies with special programs like maternity and menstrual leave doesn't help bridge that gap. #feminism #menstrualleave #maternityleave #money #programs #laissezfaire

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7 DEC: Should women who have period pains get time off from work without losing pay? Menstrual leave is an idea which recently has been put in practice in some parts of China, but not everybody agrees with it. Read more: #Menstruation #Period #PeriodProblem #PeriodPain #WomensHealth #PeriodLeave #BBCShorts @BBCNews #MenstrualLeave #100Women #BBC100Women @BBC100Women ๐Ÿ“ท: Thinkstock

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