Lady Gaga Dyed Her Hair Brown And She Doesn't Look Like Herself

This is the Gaga we're used to... with mostly blonde locks.  Not that she hasn't experimented with her hair and looks in the past -- her latest reveal to Instagram featured a Mother Monster we almost didn't recognize!  Scroll down to see... 

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Lady Gaga took to Instagram to thank her Little Monsters for their well wishes on her birthday: 

I don't know how to thank my fans enough for the love you have shown me over the years and always on my birthday. Today I have focused on smiling about all that I'm grateful for and reflecting on the last ten years of music and performances we have shared together. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to mold my fantasies into reality. Embrace your differences, celebrate who you are, it's in the unique parts of you that greatness hides. Don't be afraid to find it. Thank you for the Birthday Wishes. I ❤You.


Her fans were certainly taken by surprise, but for the most part their reactions were positive:

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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