'Jungle Book' IRL - Sad Tale Of 8-Year-Old Girl Found Living With Monkeys


Rescuers have nicknamed this 8-year-old girl, "Mowgli Girl" after the Jungle Book character in Rudyard Kipling's work.  

I couldn't even believe this story when I first read it in the NY Post.  

No one knows how long she was out in the wilderness, but she was discovered by a group of lumberjacks in a remote area of India.  According to the article, she was terrified of the group of humans, walking on all fours and screeching like a monkey.  

The girl was brought back into civilization, fed, bathed and given human clothes to wear while she re-adapts, but according to those treating her she had a bit of trouble adjusting.  During times of frustration she would react with violence and screeching and prefer to eat her food off the floor.  

Thank God those monkeys helped her to survive, but my heart hurts thinking that anyone would have to go through this.  Nothing is known about her parents at this time or how she ended up abandoned and for how long. 

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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