This Gum Can Reportedly Detect Cancer

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Imagine being able to detect cancer with something as simple as chewing gum.  According to the Daily Mail article, this new scientific chewing gum contains organic compounds, unique to each type of cancer.  The way it works:  The gum traps the compounds and can be analyzed from there for different types of cancers.  

If accurate, it could pave the way for less biopsies and blood tests or perhaps eliminate them all together.  


According to the article

The gum absorbs what are called 'volatiles' in a person's saliva as they chew it - chemical compounds which are released by certain forms of cancer.

After it has been chewed for 15 minutes, the product is then analyzed to determine whether or not it contains these specific chemicals. 

So far, scientists at the Alabama-based firm Volatile Analysis have developed different types of gum can detect pancreatic cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer.

Just imagine... a type of candy that could save your life.  

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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