3 Reasons Why Yoga With Goats Is The Perfect Addition To Your Life

I saw this video making the rounds on Facebook and I had to share.  As an avid yogi - I never in a million years would have imagined this as 'a thing.' But here's why yoga with baby goats is amazing. 

1) Look at them: They're adorable!  

2) Get a nice little back massage while you're stretching it out.  

3) It's playtime!  These little babies see a bunch of people lying on the floor - obviously it's because they want to play. 

So many smiles to go around! 

Here's the deal on this baby goat yoga, from Tastefully Offensive

Jenness Farm, a small goat dairy farm in Nottingham, New Hampshire, is getting a lot of media attention for offering the unique experience of taking a yoga class with adorable baby goats. There's currently a 300+ person waiting list, but you can find more information about the classes on the Jenness Farm blog. Watch another clip of Jenness' baby goat yoga below.

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