Blue Wine Is A Thing Now

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¡@nytimes se une a la revolución! ¿Brindas con nosotros para celebrarlo? 👉 -------------------------------------------- @nytimes joins the revolution! Would you like to make a blue toast and celebrate it with us? #Enjoytherevolution Anti-#bluewine Anti-#vinoazul #FreedomofColor

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I'm intrigued.  As a red wine lover, this is a twist.

Gik wine is a mixture of both red and white wine grapes and is meant to be served chilled.  Hmmmm, last I checked red and white made pink, but whatever -- this looks SO cool! 

Here's their website.  I can just imagine sipping some of this pool-side. 

Y tú, ¿con qué combinarías tu copa de #GikLive? ------------------------------------------------- What would you pair your blue glass with? #EnjoytheRevolution Anti-#bluewine anti-#vinoazul

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