Move Over Unicorn Drinks... Black Ice Cream Is The Newest Food Trend!

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Not gonna lie, I need this in my life.  After the hype of the unicorn drinks, this sort of thing appeals to me who tends to not wear a lot of color... I'm a minimalist.  

There’s a new food trend sweeping social media – black ice cream. Little Damage Ice Cream in downtown L.A. is fighting back against the pink and purple unicorn craze with charcoal-almond flavored ice cream that is a beautiful shade of black. The black, soft serve ice cream, which gets its color naturally from activated charcoal, is served on top of a black cone. (Today)

Let's hope this comes to NY, Philly, Southwest FL... and everywhere soon! 

I need this. Now! 🍦 #icecream #black #blackicecream #delicious

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Worth the long line. #gothicecream

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