Croscill Naturals Gave My Bedroom An Ambush Makeover

I was so excited to learn that I would be teaming up with Croscill right before KTUphoria for their campaign to promote their brand new line of bed linens, Croscill Naturals

I honestly took one look at their website and was like 'YES, count me in!!'  I loved the fact that this would be a first for all of us.  My first opportunity to have an 'adult bedroom' (more on that later...) and their first time selling their line of products direct to consumer through their new website:  Before now, you've probably only seen Croscill products at your local retailers. 

It was also a first for them to participate in a radio partnership.  Like I said - so many firsts!  

When they invited me to their showroom in midtown, NYC I knew Jaime and Katie and I were going to be fast friends.  

So here's what I was working with... my before (hold your judgement): 

Meh.  I mean.  It's clean.  It's got pictures, a beadspread.  It did the job, however it was by no means what I was looking for as far as my dream 'Pinterest' room went.  I was a little embarrassed to show this to my new friends who have such an eye for design.  Doesn't this give you 'college dorm vibes'?  Here's another angle... 

Katie told me it was fine, there was nothing wrong with it... but we could do better to achieve my dream bedroom goals.  

Side note: Pretty much everything on this bed is from all different discount sites, with nothing matching.   So here's where the fun starts.  

I was told to get out, lol!  So my friend Alyssa and I sat in my living room while we heard all sorts of hammering and music.  My room was being completely transformed!  Every once in a while Jaime would pop her head out looking for items in my apartment to help re-decorate my room.   

So here it is:  the big reveal.  And a fun lesson in how to actually get a duvet cover on.   These gals can do it all.  


What fun!  Also, last night I had the best sleep ever.  Not only are the colors and textures out of this world from an aesthetic standpoint; the bed was so damn comfortable I could hardly get out of it today!  Check out the after: 

Bedroom Makeover

What. A. Difference. 

I love the Naturals line -- and they have a customer in me now.  Check out their website at  

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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