Interview: Catching Up With Zedd

One question I get a lot from people is "Who is the nicest celebrity you've met?" It's a hard one - because so many people have been great, but Zedd is really up there.  He's an incredible human, super down-to-earth, passionate about his music and a good friend to those around him.  

That morning he had just done an appearance on 'Good Morning America', it was about 90+ degrees with humidity and here I am wondering why he looks fresh as a daisy.  (Meanwhile I was drenched in sweat just from my morning commute.)  

I would get touched up, and then walk outside and need to get touched up again.   


I feel like I learned a lot from Zedd during this interview.  Making connections -- best when done yourself.  Ladies and gents:  How many of your favorite collaborations were solidified via Twitter DM?  Makes you wonder, right?  With 'Stay' he had Alessia Cara in mind as a vocalist before even knowing her, so he approached her the old-fashioned way. 

With Alessia for example, I wanted her on 'Stay', but I didn't know her so... we randomly got this request to perform together at a show.  So it was perfect.  

He also considers himself friends with his collaborators.  And it's clear there's lots of love to go around.  He always remembers to wish his friends a 'happy birthday' on social.  Note to self: Be more like Zedd.  


There's also the matter of the dancing hot dog.  Only someone who is cool AF is obsessed with this:


The dancing hot dog really does work with his new song 'Get Low' with Liam Payne.  


Right?  So good -  I just added it to my iHeartRadio playlist.  Now try to close your eyes and not picture dancing hot dog.  Thanks for coming in Zedd!  Now you only need to catch up on all of the seasons of Game of Thrones so we can truly be BFF's... maybe when you're not busy coming out with smashes and touring.  :)

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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