Tsunami Warning Issued For NYC Was An Error

Seriously, what the heck is going on with people pushing out these serious text alerts that are all wrong?!!

The National Weather Service reported that a warning of a tsunami was intended as a test.  Thankfully us jaded New Yorkers didn't panic and carried on about our business while verifying that the alert was a mistake - one which was received by subscribers along the east coast. 

To give them credit though, they did quickly inform receivers that the message was indeed a mistake.  However, this comes after the bogus missile threat in Hawaii which actually did cause residents to panic.

Oh NY'ers... always with a sense of humor: 


This is what many people saw though... 


ALERT - THERE IS NO TAUNAMI WARNING!!! A routine National Weather Service test on Tuesday resulted in a false push notification to mobile phones about a #tsunami warning, giving jolt to many residents on the East Coast.A glitch meant some people received what looked like an actual warning, NWS meteorologist Hendricus Lulofs said. The National Weather Service is trying to sort what went wrong, he said.Officials said it appeared to be an issue with the popular Accuweather app. Accuweather didn't immediately return a call seeking comment.

And there you have it.  We can all carry on now folks.  



Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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